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Please bear in mind with all new procedures, that a follow up visit will be required. All new procedure prices include this follow up visit. This should be done a minimum of one month after the initial treatment, but must be done within 3 months or there will be an additional £50 charge.

Brow Prices


Hair Stroke (3Dimensional hair strokes or nano brow)






Combination brows/block colour


Permanent Eyeliner Prices


Lash enhancement




Bold dramatic eyeliner




Lip liner only


Lip Blush


Full lip 3Dimensional colour


Maintaining your permanent make up

All permanent make up requires maintenance, the pigment will fade and alter in hue over time as it is broken down by the body. The length of time it takes for this to happen is unique to each and every person. Some skins retain pigment for longer than others and some skins do not retain pigment well at all. Other factors that can accelerate this fading process include sun exposure, skin care products, some skin treatments, skin peels and certain medications. How long you wait until you feel you are ready for a touch up is up to you, but around 12 months is recommended. For those that like their permanent make-up to look brand new, a 6 month top up is recommended.

Up to 6 months – £80 Up to 12 months – £150 Up to 18 months – £175 Up to 2 years – £225 Up to 3 years – £295 Up to 4 years – £350


Areola micropigmentation

One side

£295 Inc Touch Up

Both sides

£425 Inc Touch Up

Beauty spot

Beauty spots

One spot

From £75

scalp Micro

SMP Female hair densification

First session

From £350

Second session


Third session



Plasma skin tightening

Upper eyelid


Under eyes


Crows feet only


Upper & Under Eyes, including crows feet


Skin tags

From £75


From £75

Meso Vytal Skin Treatment

Anti ageing skin needling



Course of six


Other Services

Other services

Permanent makeup removal / correction

On consultation

Touching up another technicians work

On consultation

Dry needling for scars and scar camouflage

On consultation

Gift vouchers available

From £10

 Cancellation policy

Tarryn has always been relaxed about cancellations, however due to a number of missed appointments, 48 hours notice is required to cancel or change an appointment. A £50 deposit will be taken at the time of your booking & if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will not be refunded.

Client Reviews

“Microblading wow! Fantastic I am so pleased I cannot believe I had not done this sooner. Perfect thank you so much they look so natural.”

Karen Leigh

“The lovely Tarryn provides an excellent service – Perfectly natural looking eyebrows. Her expertise is reflected in her gentle and quick procedures.”

Gail Gregg

“I couldn’t be happier with my eyebrows. I am so glad I found Tarryn, I won’t go to anyone else now. She is truly amazing at what she does.”

Claire Luu

English Beauty Awards

Micropigmentation UK 2018 Award Winner “Permanent Makeup Artist Of The Year” “Eyebrow Artist Of The Year” “Medical Micropigmentation”

Finalist The English Beauty Awards 2019 “Permanent makeup artist of the year”

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